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During the 1950, a big boom happened in the music industry when the market was graced by the famed Fender Telecaster. But history didn't end there. One more guitar breed was born through the efforts of Gibson Les Paul. Gibson is actually a leader in musical instruments manufacturing. Les Paul, on the other hand, is a respected guitarist in history. Les Paul is been known for his innovations with musical instruments. That's the reason why Ted McCarthy, the president of the Gibson Company, made Les Paul a consultant for the company.

Les Paul went on to create a prototype guitar with a solid body. It was named The Log. In 1945, Les Paul approached Gibson with the prototype. His idea was refused initially. But in 1951, Gibson and Les Paul worked together again. This time, Les Paulís pioneering idea paved the way to the marvel that took the music world by storm. This line of Gibson hollow-body electric guitars created the ideas to launch Gibson Les Paul. Their model is different from Fender because the body of their guitar is more curved and has a unique, glued-in neck. This Les Paul guitar model started with two models. The regular model, like Les Paul suggested, was nicknamed Goldtop. The other was a Custom model that was sold with black finish.

Gibson Les Paul Specs

There are many features that can distinguish Gibson Les Paul from other brands. Gibson Les Paul is popular for the method in which the strings are placed on the guitar body. They are positioned at the top of the guitar body, not through it, just like most of the Fender models. Gibson Les Paul also offers their instruments with a big range of customizable hardware, ornamental variants, and many electric pickup choices. Their use of the humbucking pickups had completely removed the 60-cycle humming noise, which was a major problem with the earlier guitars. These, along with other innovations, gave Gibson Les Paul their own distinction with electric guitars. Not long after, a lot of other companies followed their lead and created their own version of the humbucking pickups, although theirs gave a much thicker and a more lasting sound.

Gibson Les Paul went through the evolutionary process as they brought on new and unique models throughout the years. The guitar product lines of Gibson Les Paul are the newer Gibson Les Paul guitars, Gibson Les Paul Studio 1983, Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 1968, Gibson Les Paul SG 1961, Gibson Les Paul Standard (1958-1960), Gibson Les Paul Special (1955-1960), Gibson Les Paul TV (1955-1960), Gibson Les Paul Junior (1954-1960), Custom (1954-1960) and Goldtop (1952-1957).

Gibson Les Paul Guitar at Musician's Friend

A Piece Of History

The guitar shape of Les Paul's creations had remained fairly the same over its entire life span having just several variations in the earlier years. The double cutaway model included in Les Paul Special was the only notable deviation from its traditional shape. That model was less expensive and it came and went sometime in 1959. When the revival of interest with the Gibson Les Paul models occurred in 1960's, Gibson was obliged to introduce all their models again. Right now, the company continues to reissue their more popular instruments.

It was also during the sixties that guitarist icons like Keith Richards, Mike Bloomfield, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, including modern guitarists like Slash, had recognized the specialized capabilities of a Gibson Les Paul. A lot of respected guitarists have owned at least one Les Paul at a certain point in their career. Some of them even continue to use no other guitar for that matter. Following the masters, more and more artists and bands make Gibson Les Paul guitars their ultimate choice.

The Gibson guitars are known for their great sound. Much of that is because they have been around for decades. The sound quality of the instrument is matched by its durability. These guitars would still work 50 to 60 years from now and still sound like new. Gibson Les Paul guitars are proud pieces of history. So if you possess the money and are on the hunt for the best guitar to collect or use, the Gibson Les Paul is your optimum choice. There is yet to be a talented guitarist in this world to pass up the chance to hold and play the greatest guitar of all time.

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