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Do you know that the great Leo Fender can't play a guitar? It was said that he's tone deaf, that's why.

However, that story is not really verified. But regardless, he had created a company that had gone on to produce a popular music icon – the Fender Stratocaster. It was widely reported that this classic guitar was actually on the verge of being dumped. Fender had planned to stop the production of his Stratocaster before music giant Jimi Hendrix popularized it during the 1960's.

Fender Stratocaster and Dick Dale

It was Dick Dale who started the history of Fender Stratocaster. Dick Dale is regarded as the king of surf music, which he invented in the 1950's. History has it that Dick Dale uses the Fender Stratocaster that Leo Fender gave him as a gift in all his live performances. Leo gave Dick the guitar because he wanted him to try it. And the rest, as they say, is history.

One of today's most popular guitars is the Fender Stratocaster. It is also the best one around. This guitar has been used for such a long time now. It’s impeccable as it still keeps its original sound, which is great for playing out tunes.

The Legends Who Used a Strat

There are simply a lot of great guitarists that have come to play a Fender Stratocaster. The list includes Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer, and Buddy Guy, among many others. These music idols had used a Strat perfectly, making their songs different sounding from each other even if they are using the same instrument. Fender Strat can give your music some originality through the beautiful tonal sound that it produces.

Fender Stratocaster Specs

Strats have single coil pickups, and that's exactly what makes this instrument stand out from the rest. The body of the guitar has two sections put together flawlessly. All these things make up for the birth of the Strats – and those are exactly what great musicians love about it.

Strats are mostly crafted with standard setups. However, there are several additional models that were slightly different from the first generation. These ones have slight variation in the sound. A lot of modern guitarists find these changes good and makes them want a Strat even more.

Custom Made Strats

In fact, big name guitarists who use a Fender Stratocaster go out of the way and ask Fender himself to create a customized model fitting their specifications. They do this so that they get the sound that is a perfect complement of their music. However, Strats are not only for the popular artists alone. Any person can buy these guitars, as they are available to the public. The only problem is that these pieces can get really pricey, as they are regarded to be signature models.

American Series

The American Series Stratocasters are specifically made in the U.S. On the other hand, the Standard Strats, are manufactured in Mexico. The American Series is a lot better than the Standard Series. And the price shows that too (around $1,000).

American Deluxe Fender Stratocasters, introduced in 2000, are priced around $1,400 each. The body of the guitar is actually fashioned from Alder, with its neck adapted from Maple's Modern C shape. The pickups are three Samarium Cobalt single coils and special electronic switching that permits up to 10 different tone combinations

Fender Stratocaster Guitar at Musician's Friend

Construction and Electronics

If you want these guitars, you can choose from seven different colors, which includes Charcoal Frost Metallic and the 3-Color Sunburst. You can customize yours if you want it to be different. The Fender Stratocaster normally comes with three Single-Coil Pickups.

The maple neck has a length of 25.5 inches and a radius of 9.5 inches. The fingerboard is made from either maple or rosewood, with a total of twenty-two medium, jumbo frets.

There is also a five-setting pickup selector switch that allows you to choose from the following combo’s:

Setting 1: bridge
Setting 2: bridge & middle
Setting 3: middle
Setting 4: middle & neck
Setting 5: neck

Buy a Strat

If you would like to buy a Strat, it is highly recommend that you try out its various models. A lot of people go for the Standard Strat. But if you think that that one isn't for you, try the American Deluxe Stratocaster. It's got several changes to the standard Strat, which you might find appealing.

Also, when you want to play a Strat, do so with an amp like the Fender twin amp or a Marshall depending on your musical taste I guess. If you try out a Strat with a poor amp, the sound is not going to be good – it might be disgusting even. Always try as many instruments as possible when inside the store. This is the only way you will find the Fender Stratocaster that's a perfect match to your needs.

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