Electric Guitars

Evolution of Electric Guitars

Electric guitars evolved very fast as it radically changed the concept of classical guitars, its predecessors. In fact, everybody who desires to use electric guitars, who also practiced hard to get better with it, end up creating different combinations of pickups, necks, bodies, bridges and tremolos, paintings, tuning machines, woods, and electronics.

Also, while in the quest of attaining your desired feel-sound-effect of an electric guitar, you will come face-to-face with many choices to select from: hollow body, solid body, semi-hollow body, semi-hollow body, multi-neck, chambered body, twelve-string or seven-string, and even other exotic configurations. Electric guitars virtually have absolutely no limits. Your only limit is your budget and your imagination.

Electric Guitars Construction

There are a lot of variations with electric guitars. The most popular would be the solid body 6-string electric guitars, wherein the primary piece of wood for the body doesn't have any holes in it. Therefore, there is no airspace inside. And so the sound of the string travels from your fingers then into the body of the guitar directly and precisely, with no interference at all. The sound produced is perfect for country music, rock, blues, and experimental music.

Initially, electric guitars were generally made by luthiers, entrepreneurs, and all other crazy individuals who adjusted electromagnetic transducers and tungsten pickups in order to fit their own models of acoustic guitars so that they can be used for jazz and rock & roll. This only goes to show that there are simply several types of electric guitars products and brands created today to answer the market's needs.

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Electric Guitars

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